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About Impacter

Impacter is a writing tool to help researchers maximize the impact of their academic projects. Impacter provides instant feedback on Impact chapters or Knowledge Utilisation paragraphs of research grant proposals.
The feedback is based on over 200 proposals and 4 years of experience in the domain of Knowledge Utilisation.

The tool is developed by IDfuse.

Comprehensive Analysis

Impacter uses Natural Language Processing to identify several text characteristics, including some that are hard to recognize for human readers.

In addition to the computational linguistics, Impacter recognizes keywords that are common in paragraphs and returns a word-file with specific comments to help you to improve the paragraph.

Intuitive score overview
Call-specific analysis
Specific feedback on text provided as Word Document
Analysis of entire proposal within seconds
Builds on extensive storytelling expertise

Grade overview

Institutions using Impacter

The following institutions provide Impacter as a tool for their researchers.

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