Which Horizon Europe call fits best for your researchers?

Matchmaking between publication profiles and Horizon Europe call descriptions

Published at 2021-05-19 by Paul Tuinenburg

With the new framework programme Horizon Europe it’s also a quest to find those calls that fit best with a researcher. In many universities, this translates into a lot of work for the grant support office to find the best call fit for the researchers in your department , faculty or university. How is this currently done, and is there a way to speed up this process? Yes there is!

Many universities have a subscription to our partner RESEARCHconnect, or to one of their competitors. In such a database it’s easy to find funds and to share them with colleagues and researchers within your institute. With Impacter’s technology it’s also possible to search for these funds on the basis of your old proposal or an abstract instead of just keywords. And soon it will even be possible for every researchers to train his/her own search algorithm to find funds (more information soon!). But in the short term, how do you make sure that all researchers in your university are aware of the opportunities they have within the new Horizon Europe framework? You cannot force every researcher to perform their own search, and it’s way to labor intensive to do a search with your office for all the researchers working in your institution.

This was also the stretch the UMCU, one of our Impacter customers, was in. They reached out to us with the following question:

“We have the new draft workprogrammes for Horizon Europe, can the Impacter algorithm match those with our researchers?”

Yes we can, we only need a couple of things from the university first. Without those, there is little to match with. The things we need are the unique identifiers for the researchers and their publications with unique identifiers. If we have those, we can create a document for every individual with therein:

  • The top 10 of Horizon Europe calls that match with the researchers’ publications
  • The top matching words per match

The results so far are good and the response from the researchers very positive. According to the research office of the UMCU there ‘only has been positive responses so far’. For both the researchers, and the research office it saves a significant amount of searching time. And apparently, news about these type of analyses travel fast. We are about to do the same analysis for another European university. Hopefully we will be able to share some insights from the matchmaking service in that institution within a few weeks. In the meantime, if you recognize the struggle to find the relevant Horizon Europe calls for all researchers in your institution. Feel free to reach out to Paul Tuinenburg for more information on how we can support!