Update in Impacter SEARCH

Simplification in Impacter

Published at 2020-11-18 by Paul Tuinenburg

Update in Impacter SEARCH

Last week, we restructured the Impacter platform. This only has implications for those using the SEARCH-module. The module with which you can find similar projects and relevant funding instruments (in combination with RESEARCHconnect).

Before, there were two different categories in the navigation bar for these services, but they are now grouped in one category: ‘Find’. This is where you go when you want to find similar projects or funding opportunities. In the case of looking for similar projects, you select ‘Prior Art’ and do your search. When looking for funding opportunities, you select ‘Research Connect’ to start the search for relevant subsidies. For both services, you can simply copy-paste a summary in the textbox as an input for your search. In the case of fund searching, you're instutution need to have a subscription to RESEARCHconnect.

Curious what ‘Perfect Fit’ means? It’s an Active Learning algorithm that we are developing to make it even easier to find relevant funding opportunities for you. If you want to know more, send us an e-mail and we’ll be in touch!