To a happy and healthy 2022!

Published at 2022-01-06 by Paul Tuinenburg

May 2022 make your dreams come true, happy new year!

For us, 2021 was a successful year and after our deserved Christmas break we are looking forward to make 2022 even better! Last year we started experimenting with different matchmaking algorithms in the collaboration with Research Connect which lead to a matchmaking service where users can enter their input in 52 different languages and still get relevant funding opportunities presented in English. This year, the same technology will be implemented in our prior art functionality, enabling our users to search for relevant research projects in their own native language. Also, we started a policy matchmaking experiment in December 2021.

As described in a previous blogpost, the idea is to match research abstracts with relevant policy documents from Dutch municipalities. Thereby, the link between policy and research can be further strengthened. This year the aim is to evaluate in what way such a matching service can be best enabled for our partner universities. As always, we will focus on further improving the feedback service of Impacter! So enough to focus on in 2022!

We invite everyone to reach out to us if you have ideas for improvements in Impacter, feedback or questions. Contact us through LinkedIn, or reach out by e-mail! We are happy to help and are looking forward to another great year of collaboration with universities and research institutes to further strengthen the impact ecosystem in Europe!