The EARMA conference in Oslo

Published at 2022-04-13 by Paul Tuinenburg

As regularly shown in our blogposts, and of course as can be seen in the Impacter platform, we are working on quite some innovative things. In the core, many of our innovative projects involve some kind of data comparison. Whether it is comparing publication profiles with policy documents, comparing research descriptions with already funded projects and of course matching research descriptions with funding opportunities. This latter one, we took to a whole new level upon request of one of our customers, the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU). Their question, and the solution we created will be shared at the EARMA conference in Oslo on May 5th.

The need of the UMCU basically boiled down to making it easier for researchers to find funding opportunities themselves, instead of the research support office spending hours and hours to search for these researchers. The solution was to create a list of relevant funding opportunities per researcher we would show them at the moment they would log in into their university computer. Great idea, but how to make this happen?

This is where the Impacter matchmaking technology plays a crucial role. If we have a ‘definition’ of the researchers, which translates to having abstracts of their latest publications (using the university’s CRIS), we can match it with the funding opportunities within ResearchConnect. Then the only thing left for us to do is showing this to the individual researcher in a place they often visit. In the case of the UMCU the employee portal of the university.

If you want to learn more, visit our session at the EARMA conference in Oslo. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit the conference, feel free to reach out to Paul to schedule a meeting to discuss opportunities. Hope to see you all in Oslo!