Redesigning Impacter dashboard

Published at 2024-07-09 by Ana Rodrigues

During the last couple of weeks, we had the opportunity to receive three students from the course Knowledge Application at UvA, aiming to help us redesign Impacter's dashboard. It was an informative and enjoyable experience, and we’re eager to see how we will implement their suggestions into a new dashboard design.

Marieke Gelderloos writes: "Working in a corporate setting on such an engaging project was fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing researchers to gather their opinions on feedback tools like Impacter. The experience was greatly enhanced by Impacter’s valuable and constructive feedback, which was incredibly helpful throughout our project."

Luke Hagebeek shares: “When you start an assignment that involves developing your own solution, reading about it in a university setting is one thing, but hearing directly from company members at their location is another. It helps you understand not only the theoretically best solution but also what fits their way of doing things. Being on-site gave us a better grasp of their needs and allowed us to work continuously on creating a viable solution.”

Mark van den Hoorn reflects: “It was fascinating to gain experience outside of an academic setting and work on a project with real-world value. We uncovered valuable insights into user experiences and identified ways to improve them. It was also intriguing to see diverse perspectives on automated feedback systems. Although we sometimes struggled to find our way, we learned a lot from this project and our collaboration with Impacter.”