Narrative CV check also implemented in Vidi scheme

Published at 2022-09-20 by Paul Tuinenburg

After the launch of the new ‘narrative CV’ check in Impacter, designed for the preproposal of the Veni (Dutch grant in the Talent Scheme) we were blown away by it’s usage! Of course we expected some increase in use because the Veni is a popular grant and the narrative CV is a relatively new way to describe your past performance. But hundreds and hundreds of proposals was even more than we expected! And as we mentioned in a previous blog, the users were also happy with the new analysis:

"The feedback was much more extensive and useful than I expected from an automated tool"

"Thanks! There are a lot of useful comments in this tool which I will use to improve"

This success made us decide to also make this analysis available for the Vidi proposals that have a deadline in October. We made some minor adjustments for the Vidi, but since a narrative CV is required in that proposal as well we are confident this new check will come in handy as well for the Vidi applicants!

However, with this full proposal, there is also lot to gain from the known ‘societal impact’ analyses that we do in Impacter. So after the overwhelming use of Impacter for the Veni preproposal, we invite all Vidi researchers to use Impacter as well to further improve their proposal. There are only a few weeks left, so don’t hesitate any longer and finish that proposal!

Oh, and there's more! Soon, the Narrative CV check will be implemented for the ERC-B1 proposal format as well. Stay tuned!