Meet the team - Peter Lombaers

Published at 2023-08-24 by Ana Rodrigues

Peter, whose background is in mathematics, joined Impacter in 2020 as a Machine Learning Engineer. After completing is master’s at Utrecht University he moved to Porto, Portugal, to pursue a PhD focused on Algebraic Number Theory, as algebra has always been his favorite area.

After obtaining my PhD, I decided to shift my career direction. I developed an interest in programming and machine learning, which eventually led me to join Impacter three years ago. In my role, I concentrate on enhancing our search features through the application of active learning and machine learning techniques. It's truly exciting to tackle challenging problems while remaining closely connected to the academic world, even though I am not directly associated with a university. During a typical work week, I tackle one or two issues that require resolution. For instance, we might need to leverage data from a new dataset. Coding takes up the majority of my time, but I also engage in brainstorming sessions with Tijmen to determine the optimal approach. Additionally, I contribute to the open-source project ASReview, where I enhance their software and bring back what I learned to Impacter.

Outside of work, Peter finds pleasure in playing the piano, going out for nice dinners, and nurturing his passion for chess. If you also are a chess fan, be sure to follow Peter’s and his local chess club team matches in the European Club Cup website.