Meet the team - Paul Tuinenburg

Published at 2023-08-03 by Ana Rodrigues

Paul Tuinenburg is one of the founders of Impacter. He studied Innovation Sciences in Utrecht and, in a way, that background is still reflected in the way we work at Impacter. Mainly because we are continuously involved in all sorts of interesting and innovative projects that are, in one way or another, related to the academic system, societal impact and new technological developments in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. To give an idea, we worked with Techleap on visualizing the Dutch academic landscape and spin-offs. We are collaborating with ResearchConnect to make it easier for academics to find relevant funding opportunities. We have created ScienceBase for grants offices to visualize the amount of funds they received from Horizon Europe and we are currently exploring the opportunities with Large Language Models (like ChatGPT, but we like to work with more privacy friendly models) for Impacter. Last but not least, we recently launched our new platform Global Campus where we make it much easier to navigate through the millions of academic publications worldwide in order to find relevant academic experts!

Paul, personally doesn’t work on the technical part, instead he focuses on the non-technical part of the company: meetings with prospects, (potential) partners and customers, going to events, handling demo’s, sales meetings, user meetings, negotiations and contracts. However, according to Paul “my most important task in the company for the rest of the team is probably the fact that I make sure there is a proper lunch served everyday!”.

When he is not working, Paul has a (Dutch) podcast about entrepreneurship where they discuss their own struggles and the struggles of other entrepreneurs whilst enjoying a whisky. He also likes to be home and spend time with his family. They currently have one son, but with twins on the way it will soon get more crowded at home!