Matchmaking for upcoming Horizon Europe calls

Published at 2024-04-02 by Ana Rodrigues

In academia, knowing which grants one can apply to and who to work with is crucial and can define whether or not a researcher receives a specific funding. That's why, building a consortium as early as possible, as well as knowing which call topics are relevant for a specific researcher can give a head start to a successful grant application.

Impacter can now help with that by matching the call topics of the upcoming Horizon Europe calls with the researchers of an organization. Using semantic algorithms we match all publications with all call topics and, because Impacter checks for content overlap instead of keywords, it performs much better than other search models.

Visit us at EARMA Odense, between 23 and 25 of April, and know more about the matchmaking. Are you interested in knowing more but you’re not coming to EARMA? Reach out to us through