Large Language Models in Impacter - our new internship project

Published at 2023-08-08 by Ana Rodrigues

We are happy to introduce our new intern Max Visscher! He has started working with us the 1st of August, and he will be developing his project for the next months. Here is an introduction:

I am Max, 20 years old and I live in Driebergen-Rijsenburg. I have been studying IT for 3 years now, my first year was during the corona pandemic, at the HAN university of applied science but that didn’t work out. I thought I would try again but more close to home this time, in Utrecht! This worked out great and I am now moving into my 3rd year of HBO-ICT specialising in Artificial Intelligence.

During the internship I will help IDfuse improve Impacter by introducing a Large Language Model to it that will be able to create suggestions on how sentences should be written. I will accomplish this with the help of Prompt Engineering and classic NLP. This will give scientists better suggestions when writing grant proposals, allowing them to spend less time writing, and more time researching. It is really cool how my internship can have a big impact.

When I am not at the office or at school I like to chill with friends or play a few games on the computer. I don’t mind a beer now and then, and there is a high chance you can spot me in Hide Out science café at the Uithof. I really like going to festivals, with the highlights being Defqon1 and DOUR this year.

During my internship I will strive to improve myself and learn a lot about large language models and NLP. I am excited to be a part of the team and make it a great 5 months!

If you have any questions or insights that I can use about Large Language models or Prompt engineering feel free to message me on LinkedIn or send an email to