First impressions as a Customer Success Manager

Published at 2023-04-14 by Ana Rodrigues

As of 1st of March, I am working as a customer success manager at Impacter and today I am reviewing and sharing this starting journey with you.

During these first weeks my focus was on digging deeper in the platform and learn about all its features and capacities. I approached it through a user’s perspective by submitting proposals, exploring different calls and going through the feedback that I received. This gave me a more clear picture about the product, making it easier to explain it to customers and users and allowing me to see where I can make a difference.

The next step was to get acquainted with the customers, learn about their experience with Impacter and hear some of their suggestions and questions. It was encouraging to hear their enthusiasm, receive their positive feedback and also motivating to hear their struggles and suggestions for improvement. I am now at a better position to strengthen the Impacter brand, to think about strategies to reach out to potential users and to make them aware of the benefits of using our platform.

The dynamic and cheerful atmosphere at the office did not come to me as a surprise. During these times, where the online still has a strong presence in our daily working lives, being at the office, sharing lunch and ideas with colleagues and being able to work in such a young and fun team, is a breeze of fresh air that motivates me to learn and work with a positive attitude.

During next week, I will be attending the annual EARMA conference in Prague, where I will get to meet more of our customers and users in person. I will also use this chance to learn more about grant writing and support and the importance of the impact chapter of grant proposals. If you would like to know more about Impacter or you have any suggestion please don’t hesitate to visit us at our booth.